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my name is skylar and this is my little corner of the internet.
enjoy your stay!!

i created this website to practice coding in html/css and so i could have a place to store graphics and other cute things i like, as well as miscellaneous info about myself and my interests. i hope u like it!

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about me

name: skylar age: 16

gender: boy sexuality: gay

star sign: pisces

dream job: veterinarian

favorite colors: green, brown, pink, cream

favorite movies: spirited away, howl's moving castle, lotr trilogy

favorite animals: i love all animals!! but especially kitties, bunnies, mice, rats, sheep, and highland cows!

currently reading: the years of rice and salt, i am a cat, azumanga daioh, mob psycho 100

currently watching: revolutionary girl utena, firefly, mob psycho 100, owarimonogatari

pages in progress: cool links, recipes, cool fashion, cozy page, graphics, avis

this site is optimized for a resolution of 2880 x 1800px. some elements may look a little messy on other resolutions!

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