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my name is skylar and this is my little corner of the internet.
enjoy your stay!!

!!currently under construction!!

im in the process of making layout changes to this site to make it more interesting and varied. here is an example. the old pages will still be accessible, but i am planning to make new versions as well.

i created this website to practice coding in html/css and so i could have a place to store graphics and other cute things i like, as well as miscellaneous info about myself and my interests. i hope u like it!

update: wow hello everyone! sorry i haven't been updating this site, a lot has been happening in my personal life but i miss it here and want to try to get back into it and be more active again! im also very shy so i get nervous about having a presence online but everyone here is so nice and supportive. i hope you all are doing well ^_^

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about me

name: skylar age: 16

gender: boy sexuality: gay

star sign: pisces <・ )))><<

chinese zodiac: sheep Ꮚ^ꈊ^Ꮚ

dream job: veterinarian

favorite colors: brown, pastel pink, cream, lavender

favorite animals: i love all animals!! but especially kitties, bunnies, mice, rats, sheep, and highland cows!

other things i ♥: baking, nature, my friends, cute things

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pages in progress: cool links, recipes, cool fashion, cozy page

page ideas: my cross stitches, shrines for things i like, nostalgia page, site map, realm, css stylesheets

this site is optimized for a resolution of 2880 x 1800px. some elements may look a little messy on other resolutions!

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