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i love cats!!

here are some super adorable cat pictures from around the internet to bring a smile to your face!! (the scrolling might be a little choppy at first, sorry about that >_<)

my kitties!

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age: 8yrs ♥ sex: ♂ ♥ breed: ???

pickles is my 2nd cat, and cookies brother! he is large and fat, as you can see, but hes still healthy and surprisingly agile!! just like his body, his personality is big and while he is a troublemaker, hes also very affectionate. he will even start to purr without me petting him just because im near him! he doesnt meow much, but he is a very loud purrer and is very playful too. just like cookie, he loves being on chairs and laps, but he also likes to jump up on the table!


cat blogs: markv5 / mostlycatsmostly / unflatteringcatselfies / straycatj (my favorite!)

youtube channels: robin seplut / kitten lady / cream heroes

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