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charat: a really nice avatar creator site with lots of options!

picrew: another avatar creator site with lots of different avatar makers uploaded by different artists!

gentle earth: a piece of digital art where you can submit a thought and have it disappear into the void with a small chance of it ending up on the front page

google doodles: an archive of all the past google doodles!

bookmice: a small network of old personal websites from the 2000s! really fun to look at, especially if youre interested in the old internet

w3schools: a site with lots of html and css tutorials!! its helped me a lot in making this website, i dont have much prior experience with html/css so its been a really good resource

listen to wikipedia: a website that plays a random musical note everytime wikipedia is edited. its surprisingly pretty and relaxing to listen to!

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to add: blingee, goatlings, pokefarm

internet horror stories

the sick land: cosmic horror with a cool and interesting premise and a really creative setting!! the story can get a bit repetitive at times, especially in the beginning, but it manages to stay engaging and has interesting twists that keep the plot from getting stale. i particularly like all the description we get of the setting through the characters and how they interact with it, as well as the unraveling of the mystery surrounding the titular sick land which kept the story interesting and tense the whole way though. (content warnings: death, body horror)

the left/right game: one of the best nosleep stories imo. just like the sick land, the draw of this story comes in large part from its creative setting and premise, but l/r game puts more focus on its characters than the former, and builds some of its plot around interpersonal tensions between them as a way of grounding the reader in the specific emotional conflicts that arise from its conceit... or something, im not really good at describing things. i dont want to say too much more about it because i dont want to spoil the experience, but i highly recommend reading this story; it's really exciting! (content warnings: death, body horror)

junji ito stories

the enigma of amigara faultthe long dream

and the best one of all...

cat diary!!

sf stuff

isfdbfree sf online

world sf blogsf in translationtongues of sf

sf reviews70s scifi artsf with good astronomy


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